Kickoff mentor program 2024

Welcoming this year’s mentor pairs to the Kickoff!

We’re delighted to meet all of you and kickstart this exciting mentorship journey. During our first gathering, we will review the framework and offer tips and advice on how to structure your upcoming mentorship relationships.

Agenda for the Kickoff:

Framework Overview: We will take a closer look at the prepared framework and discuss the key elements that will guide your mentorship relationships.

Structuring Tips and Advice: We will share useful tips and advice on how to best structure your mentorship meetings and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Focus on Interactions: Special emphasis will be placed on the importance of interaction between mentor and mentee. Discussions on open communication and idea exchange will be central.

Opportunity to Connect: We will create an atmosphere that fosters openness and trust, providing you with an opportunity to connect with your mentor pairs. It’s an excellent chance to get to know each other and build a strong foundation for your upcoming collaboration.

We look forward to working together and creating meaningful and rewarding mentorship experiences. Thank you for your commitment, and let’s make this journey fantastic together!

Plats: Handelshögskolan

Tid: 17:30